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July 25, 2012
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la historia del amor y la locura pt1 by guchi-22 la historia del amor y la locura pt1 by guchi-22
pt2: [link]

The History of Love and Crazyness

:bulletblue: LOVE and CRAZYNESS, tell that once met at a place on earth all the feelings and qualities of men.
:bulletblue: When BOREDOM had yawned for the third time.
:bulletblue: CRAZYNESS, as crazy as ever, proposed: -'Let's play hide and seek?
:bulletblue: THE INTRIGUE raised his eyebrow intrigued and CURIOSITY asked helplessly, -'Hide and Seek? How is that?- 'It's a game- CRAZYNESS explained, - I cover my face and start to count from one to a million while you hide and when I have finished counting, the first of you who I found, will take my place to continue the game.-
:bulletblue: ENTHUSIASM danced seconded by THE EUPHORIA.
:bulletblue: THE JOY gave so many jumps that ended up convincing DOUBT, and even to APATHY, which was never interested in anything.
:bulletblue: But not everyone wanted to participate, the TRUTH chose not to hide. what for? if in the end was always found.
:bulletblue: ARROGANCY felt it was a silly game (basically what annoying him was that he not come up with the idea)
:bulletblue: and COWARDICE chose not to take the risk
:bulletblue: -... One, two, three ...- CRAZYNESS started counting. The first in hide was LAZINESS, as always let himself fall after the first stone of the road.
:bulletblue: ENVY hid behind the shadows of TRIUMPH, who with its own efforts had managed to climb the highest tree cup.
:bulletblue: The GENEROSITY almost couldn't hide, every place that she thought was wonderful for some of his friends .... a clear lake? ideal for the BEAUTY
:bulletblue: the crack of a tree? perfect for SHYNESS
:bulletblue: the flight of a butterfly? best for the VOLUPTUOUSNESS
:bulletblue: a gust of wind? great for FREEDOM.

sorry for my bad english :(

guys I really hate to ask this but I would really apreciate comments, I put much effort on this :tears:
this is a history that a friend told me and I like it too much :)

Crazyness = Black
Boredom = Espio
Intrigue = Cosmo
Curiosity = Tails
Enthusiasm = Amy
Euphoria = Charmy
Joy = Cream
Doubt = Silver
Apathy = Mephiles
Truth = Vector
Arrogancy = Eggman
Cowardice = Chris
Laziness = Sonangel
Envy = Scourge
Triumph = Blaze
Generosity = Vanilla
Beauty = Freya
Shyness = Erika
Voluptuousness = Sara
Freedom = Sonic
and still many more

chicos en verdad odio pedir esto pero en verdad apreciaria que comenten, puse mucho esfuerzo en esto :tears:

esta es una historia que me contó una amiga y me gustó mucho :)

Locura = Black
Aburrimiento = Espio
Intriga = Cosmo
Curiosidad = Tails
Entusiasmo = Amy
Euforia = Charmy
Alegría = Cream
Duda = Silver
Apatía = Mephiles
Verdad = Vector
Sobervia = Eggman
Cobardia = Chris
Pereza = Sonangel
Envidia = Scourge
Triunfo = Blaze
Generosidad = Vainilla
Belleza = Freya
Timidez = Erika
Voluptuosidad = Sara
Libertad = Sonic
y aun faltan muchos mas
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jadenyugi9 Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
ohh me pregunto quien pòdra ser amor XDDD (espero que sea quien creo que es) me gusto mucho esta historia tiene como 7 años que me la conto uno de mis profesores me va a encantar el final XD
guchi-22 Jul 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
jajaja no se quien crees q podra ser xD
jadenyugi9 Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
me voy a esperar a ver si no hago spoiler XD
Jaja la conozco es una linda historia :D ... (Quien sera amor?:confused:)
guchi-22 Jul 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
ya veras en la siguiente parte xD
Fernandathehedgehog Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Waaa!! genial me encanta :squee: :squee:
te esta quedando genial guchi :la: :la:
por fa continuala :please:
:clap: :clap: :worship: :worship:
guchi-22 Jul 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
gracias lo hare pronto :D
ains que hermoso... muy bueno... y al parecer quedaron todos muy bien... me encanto a Vanilla siendo la generosidad... le cae muy bien y en cuanto a Sonic como que fue obvio que iba a ser la libertad... creo que esos dos los que más me gustaron

muy bonito te quedo!
guchi-22 Jul 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
jaja si medio obvio q iban a ser esos, queria q encajen lo mejor posible
yo pense que la apatia era shadow .-.
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